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Key Technology

“The Perpetuum product has been deployed on a trial basis on some of our trains over the past year, and we have been very impressed by the information it provides us and the ease of use. We foresee a very rapid return on the investment and a solution to unlocking a number of important issues. The system has the potential to redefine the way we undertake some significant and costly elements of fleet maintenance.”

– Wayne Jenner, Engineering Director of Southeastern Railways

Southeastern Railways is one of the largest train operators in the UK, with a route mileage of 540 and 179 stations.

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The real time health of your assets and the condition of the track, delivered to your desktop and mobile device.

From snapshots of the health of your fleet to degradation rates, from maintenance planning to condition monitoring, our friendly experts will ensure you receive the maximum value from our unique technology and enhanced analytics.

Passenger Applications

Improvements in rail safety and a significant reduction in operating costs can be achieved by moving from a "Fail and Fix" environment to a "Predict and Prevent" system.

Perpetuum battery-free Vibration Energy Harvesters and Wireless Sensor Nodes will help you to make this transition because:

  • It’s easy and quick to install
  • It requires no external wiring or maintenance
  • It’s safe: there are no interactions with any existing on-train systems
  • It’s reliable and robust: there are no moving parts apart from the Harvester's internal vibration

The technology is on-board, not trackside, ensuring a better quality of data, reliability, and the ability to monitor track condition. Our system can act as a decision support tool for "Rough Ride" calls, lessening impact on passengers.

Freight Applications

Most freight cars have no power, so the use of our Vibration Energy Harvester allows monitoring functions to be deployed without worrying about the problems associated with batteries.

Perpetuum supplies Vibration Energy Harvesters with high levels of power suitable not only for monitoring the wagon but also its cargo for temperature, pressure, leakage and security.

The data can be communicated over a long range through GPRS transmissions. Alternatively, the power can be used to drive wireless networks that communicate all the data, including wheel and brake data, to the locomotive cab. GPS tracking with regular updates transmitted by GPRS is also a practical solution for tracking the progress of wagons.

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