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How to Purchase Perpetuum PMG/C Vibration Energy Harvester

Perpetuum PMG/C Vibration Energy Harvester for Use with NI WSN-3226

Perpetuum PMG/C Vibration Energy Harvester: The PMG/C (Perpetual Micro-generator with internal energy storage) has been designed to provide maintenance-free vibration energy harvester augmented power for the NI WSN-3226. The PMG/C provides significant power life-cycle advantages vs. traditional "battery only" power solutions for the NI WSN-3226. This offers end-users the advantages of significantly reducing maintenance logistics (such as frequent battery changes) and overall operational costs. The PMG/C combines the benefits of electromagnetic vibration energy harvesting technology, integrated energy storage and a power output up to 20mW. The PMG/C supports several mounting options. It is reliable, robust and has been designed to operate in harsh industrial environments.

Perpetuum – The Evolution of Power for Wireless Sensing and Automation.

The NI WSN-3226 measurement node adds resistance-based measurements, such as RTDs and potentiometers, to the NI WSN platform. With this node, you can combine temperature and voltage measurements on a single device. The WSN-3226 provides four analog input channels and two bidirectional digital channels with industrial voltage ranges that you can also program to respond to digital value change events. The device offers a 12 V, 50 mA sensor power output that you can use to drive sensors requiring external power and also features 50/60Hz filtering and two operational modes: high speed and high resolution, so that you can optimize power and throughput tradeoffs for your application. And with NI LabVIEW graphical programming software, you can easily extract measurement data and customize node operation.

The NI WSN-3226 measurement node can be powered with four 1.5 V, AA alkaline or lithium battery cells or with the Perpetuum PMG/C Vibration Energy Harvester via the external power input port. Intelligent power management will automatically switch between harvester power and battery power.

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